Swimwear And Stage Collection By Sassy Assy

Swimwear And Stage Collection By Sassy Assy, Came about by our costumers who would take are booty shorts and instead of just a beach coverup they would turn it into the swimsuit bottom or wear it on stage. So over the years (23 years on the internet) the owner would look for quality fabric and different print or colors some time a print would sit in the factory for months then one day he would show up with a drawing or just what he had in his head and off Gaby and him would go to the layout table and 24 hrs later they would have a design. The only standard was can our costumers use it for more then one type of outfit, they didn't care if it was see through or almost naked that was up to his costumers to like it or dislike it.

                Welcome To Are Newest Collection : Swimwear & Stage